Daniela Anderson, MD

Daniela Anderson is an internal medicine and pediatrics doctor. She did her medical studies at University of Utah School of Medicine and served as chief resident, internal medicine/pediatrics at University of Chicago. She completed her residency in 2022.  While a resident she received several recognitions for work in urban primary care, developing leadership in women’s health and advocacy for female patients, and community engagement in Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods, as well as serving as a MacLean Ethics Fellow.

Daniela joined Tapestry 360 Health in 2022. In 2016 she wrote and illustrated a children’s book called The Moon Prince and The Sea. It explores the topic of death in a manner intended to be comforting to children and their parents and assist in difficult conversations. She enjoys watercolor painting, writing, hiking, traveling, playing piano, and walking her dog Bootsie.

Daniella Anderson