Student Health

Healthy kids learn better, so we’re here to help our students with patient-centered care in 3 high schools & 3 elementary schools

Student Health

Our health centers are in six Chicago Public Schools locations: Roosevelt, Senn, Sullivan high schools, plus Gale, Hibbard and Kilmer elementary schools.

Providing services to students while they are in school plays a key role in keeping students healthy and focused. Healthy kids learn better. That’s why we believe in School-Based Health Centers that provide urgent and primary care health care services.

We provide a welcoming space convenient for students and parents, where we address a myriad of health problems. The rich array of services at our school sites have a positive impact on student well-being and academic success, and are a model for the nation.

Students under the age of 18 must have a signed parent consent form on file to receive services. To access the forms, please click the link below.

Parental Consent Form English

Parental Consent Form Spanish


The school-based health centers offer all CPS-required vaccines for students along with optional vaccines like the HPV vaccines and flu shots.


Students can access confidential behavioral health services such as short and long term therapy with our behavioral health consultants (BHC’s) within our school-based health centers. Referrals can be made to community partners based on individual need. We currently offer both Telehealth and in-person appointments.

Who can seek therapy? If you are a student who is experiencing difficulty sleeping, depression, anxiety, interpersonal difficulties with peers/family/others, difficulties in school, lack of motivation or even other concerns, then therapy might be a solution for you. Reach out to your school-based health center to ask for an appointment or a clinic provider or school staff member can refer you to us.

For more information on behavioral health services at your school clinic, click here.

These behavioral health consultants are located at their respective school-based health centers:

If you are a student who is 12 years and older, you are able to access free and confidential mental health services as long as you sign a parental consent form.

Psychiatric assessments & Medication Management

Students who need medication management, in addition to therapy, can access confidential services with a psychiatrist within our school-based health centers. Students meet with a BHC to go over a behavioral health assessment before scheduling appointments with a psychiatrist.

Provider: Dr. Feldman

For more information on Psychiatric assessments & Medication Management, click here.

If you are a student who is 12 years and older, you are able to access free and confidential mental health services as long as you sign a minor consent form.

Parental Consent English  

Parental Consent Spanish

Dental Care

Our Senn and Hibbard clinics provide comprehensive preventive and restorative dental services to students.

Hibbard Provider: Dr. Bhansali

Senn Provider: Dr.Shewa

For more information on dental services at your school clinic, click here.

Vision/Hearing Screening

Basic vision and hearing screenings are conducted during T360H physicals however more extensive screenings are conducted regularly by CPS. Students can also acquire discounted glasses through CPS and their joint partnership with “Ageless Eyes.”

Health Education

We partner with AmeriCorps members each year to serve as health educators in many of our school-based health centers. Health educators can meet one on one with students to discuss nutrition and exercise or any other health topics that students need help with.

Health educators are trained to serve as health coaches that meet with students and help them set health goals to hold them accountable to the goals that they set for themselves. Some common goals that students might work towards are being more active, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and more.

Our AmeriCorps members also help provide comprehensive sexual health education to students in our school clinics. This helps ensure students are aware of reproductive health services they can access to in the health centers and supports the goal of SBHCs to reduce barriers that students experience to access essential services.

Students over the age of 12 are able to consent to confidential reproductive and sexual health services as well as mental health services in our school-based health centers.

T360H AmeriCorps members also support Youth Advisory Councils in our high school clinics. This ensures that the clinic connects with students and that students have the opportunity to have a say in how the clinic operates.

Reproductive Services

T360H school-based health centers offers reproductive health services (also known as sexual health services) such as STI testing and treatment, birth control, condoms, emergency contraception, pregnancy tests, the HPV vaccine

In the state of Illinois, people who are 12 years old and up can decide to receive various reproductive health services confidentially—that means without the consent or notification of their parent or guardian. Students can receive reproductive health services confidentially from the school clinic. For questions about confidentiality, talk to your school clinic.

Students’ Bill of Rights

In the state of Illinois, people who are 12 years old and up can confidentially receive the following services without the consent of a parent/guardian: mental health services, substance abuse care, STI/HIV testing and care, birth control, and contraceptives.

At Tapestry 360 Health, we also believe that students have the right to ask questions about their health, receive accurate and age-appropriate information about their health, and receive healthcare from youth-friendly providers.

To access any health care services including physical, reproductive, or mental health services fill out the downloadable forms below.

Find Student Health services at:

Tapestry – Gale Elementary School

1631 W Jonquil Terr
Chicago, IL 60626


Tapestry – Hibbard Elementary School

4930 N Sawyer Ave
Chicago, IL 60625


Tapestry – Kilmer Elementary School

6700 N Greenview Ave
Chicago, IL 60626


Tapestry – Roosevelt High School

3436 W Wilson Ave
Chicago, IL 60625


Tapestry – Senn High School

5900 N Glenwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60660


Tapestry – Sullivan High School

6631 N Bosworth Ave
Chicago, IL 60626


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