Referrals for Specialty Care

Primary care connects you to hospital and other health services you need

Referrals for Specialty Care

Our team provides your regular and preventive healthcare, but sometimes you may need specialized care. Thanks to our new partnership with Swedish Hospital | Part of NorthShore, we now have specialist right in our clinics.

So many people need healthcare yet lack the transportation or resources to get it. That’s where the Health Transformation Program comes in, connecting people in need of care with medical specialists, right in their own neighborhood. The program embeds specialty care providers in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) serving under-resourced communities. In this program, Swedish Hospital, Part of NorthShore leads the Chicago North Side Collaborative and partners with Tapestry 360 Health. By putting specialists in our Albany Park health center, more people receive care sooner, at an affordable cost, and in a familiar location close to home — all of which helps reduce health disparities and break down barriers to care. Specialists in endocrinology, cardiology, sports medicine, and pulmonology participate, leading to better health and support for people who need it.

Although we have specialists on site, there may be times where you need additional specialty care that we can’t provide in our clinics. A visit with your PCP can help connect you to a specialty provider if you need a different area of care that is unavailable. Some examples might include:

  • Outpatient screening or tests at a hospital such as a mammogram or colonoscopy as part of a regular program of cancer screenings
  • In-patient or out-patient hospital care, such as for a surgical procedure
  • Imaging services that we don’t provide at our clinics

In these cases, your primary care provider and Transition of Care specialists can connect you to one of our partners. Our major hospital partners are:

We’ll remain involved in your care. That might include facilitating appointments, reviewing medications prescribed to you, helping answer questions you may have about the process and more.

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