Jeff Panzer, MD, MPH

Jeff is a practicing family physician and serves as our Vice President of Care Transformation. He is board certified in Family Medicine, attended medical school at Temple University in Philadelphia, and completed his residency at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. He received his master’s degree in healthcare quality and patient safety from Northwestern.

He has a background and interests in primary care re-design, quality improvement, electronic medical record usability, refugee health, and global health. Jeff has experience working in several different care models including Erie Family Health Center, Oak Street Health, and Iora/Harken health, and he is strongly motivated to help create a new system of primary care delivery including better information technology. He is also the director of innovation at Alliance Chicago where he works on improving health IT for Tapestry 360 Health and other health centers.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys bike commuting, camping, reading, traveling with his family, and playing beach volleyball alongside Lake Michigan.