Nutrition Counseling

Diet and nutrition are essential for health and well-being.

close-up of nutrition facts

Our approach to nutrition takes a deeper look than nutrients and calories. You will explore how your diet impacts your mental and physical health.

Nutrition counseling is for:

  • Patients interested in better eating habits
  • Patients with depression, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other health conditions
  • Patients who need a special diet after a procedure

There is no one-size-fits-all plan. In your initial meeting with a doctor, you will:

  • Identify your goals
  • Discuss your medical history
  • Review your food habits, allergies, and relationship to food
  • Leave with a food plan and a follow-up schedule

Find Nutrition Counseling services at:

Tapestry – Devon

1300 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60660


Tapestry – Gale Elementary School

1631 W Jonquil Terr
Chicago, IL 60626


Tapestry – Hibbard Elementary School

4930 N Sawyer Ave
Chicago, IL 60625


Tapestry – Kilmer Elementary School

6700 N Greenview Ave
Chicago, IL 60626


Tapestry – Lakeview

3154 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657


Tapestry – Roosevelt High School

3436 W Wilson Ave
Chicago, IL 60625


Tapestry – Senn High School

5900 N Glenwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60660


Tapestry – Sullivan High School

6631 N Bosworth Ave
Chicago, IL 60626


Tapestry – Uplift Community High School

900 W Wilson Ave
Chicago, IL 60640


Tapestry – Wilson

845 W Wilson Ave
Chicago, IL 60640


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